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Inflation Relief Rally – May 2022 Review

Inflation Relief Rally May 2022 Commentary & Performance Review The stronger performance in financial markets last month may reflect easing investor concerns about inflation and a willingness to re‐enter the market at more attractive valuations given the sell‐off...

COP26: Keeping Climate Issues on the Front Burner

“Investors today aren’t just investing for performance; they also want the ability to make an impact beyond returns that aligns with their personal values.” Check out the latest article in WP where Brent Vandermeer talks about Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) AKA Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and the upcoming COP26 conference – an annual summit aimed at accelerating progress towards Paris Agreement emissions targets.

A Tale of Two Markets

Bond markets and stock markets usually move opposite to each other, hence their diversification benefits. Today, they appear to be indicating the same thing by moving strongly upward together. One of them must be wrong. Historically, the smart money is the bond market viewpoint. Yet today, central banks are distorting true risk and value by their market operations. The bond market is likely saying that recession is coming. This leads us to continue our shifts to a more defensive portfolio posture.

Movies, Money & Time

Whether the moments feel long or short, the gift of time is what really matters. A probable recession might be a little bump along the way over the grand history of time, however we need to remind ourselves that our time is limited. We only have a set number of hours per day, we can use them wisely, or we can use them worriedly.

Webinar Replay | Planning for Aging

Your Legal and Financial Foundations for the Aging YearsWe are all living longer, with a significant likelihood of some reduction in our ability to operate independently. Planning for unplanned situations and life transitions has become necessary. How do you prepare...