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A Tale of Two Markets

Bond markets and stock markets usually move opposite to each other, hence their diversification benefits. Today, they appear to be indicating the same thing by moving strongly upward together. One of them must be wrong. Historically, the smart money is the bond market viewpoint. Yet today, central banks are distorting true risk and value by their market operations. The bond market is likely saying that recession is coming. This leads us to continue our shifts to a more defensive portfolio posture.

Holiday Reading and Investment Wisdom

Markets have become more turbulent again, not that we should be surprised. In fact, opportunities are now becoming more apparent and for that, we are excited as it will help us grow your portfolio. However, we also recognize that the larger ups and downs can be very emotionally difficult to endure. Trust can be tested. […]

November is Financial Literacy Month

From the desk of Erin Gendron… In October, Financial Planners Standard Council (FPSC), Canada’s governing body for financial planning conducted a survey* of over 1500 Canadians. They found that 41% of Canadians lack confidence in their financial affairs. 33% of Canadians feel they would fail a financial stress test (meaning they somewhat or strongly doubt […]

Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now…but U.S. stocks are in a decided uptrend as a period of market anxieties appear to have faded—at least for the moment. There are a number of factors that investors say are underpinning the recent resurgence in risk-taking that’s lifted the market. Muted Inflation: Inflation was the culprit for roiling the market back in […]

Can I retire?

From the desk of Erin Gendron… At the beginning of the year, over 1500 randomly selected Canadians were polled on their retirement goals and expectations. How do your retirement goals and savings stack up against these findings? Not quite sure if you’re on track? Read on and let us help! 4 Practical tips to help you […]