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Drop-Out Provisions

Presented by: Erin Gendron
Certified Financial Planner & Financial Advisor – CrossPoint Financial

The goal of this series of videos is to explain common concerns, questions, misconceptions, and things that we think you should know about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). We hope these videos will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to this integral piece of your long-term retirement income plan.

The first video in the series, CPP – The Basics, is available here.

In our second video, we delve into the intricacies of various drop-out provisions designed to safeguard the value of your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) during periods of low or no income. Gain insights into interpreting your CPP Statement of Contribution and discover valuable tips on optimizing your CPP benefits for a comprehensive understanding. Join us as we explore these important aspects to ensure you make the most informed decisions regarding your CPP.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming second video in our series. Should you have any inquiries regarding CPP or your financial future, feel free to reach out to Erin Gendron or another member of the CrossPoint Financial team. We’re here to help!