Moving Forward with Peace of Mind

How Much is Enough?

This is a question we get all the time. We’re not surprised by this question because after all … isn’t ensuring that you can live the financial life you want what we are here for?

Our entire life is about trade-offs and your financial life is no different. It’s the sum total of your decisions about money. Managing money means making clear, informed, candid decisions. It’s when you make these better choices you can have the financial life you want.

At CrossPoint Financial our team works with you through various discovery phases of enhancing, preserving and sustaining your wealth. We connect your present to your future and your purpose to your plan. We scratch below the surface to find out …What keeps you awake at night? What is your current financial health? What are your short-term and long-term financial goals?

It is with this information and a disciplined approach we build your detailed plan customized to your unique situation. Working with you every step of the way, we assemble your ‘big picture’ and get your money working for you.


Are you on track? Use one of the many calculators available to determine things like a budget or whether to invest in an RRSP or a TFSA.

Helping You Invest With Purpose

Below are the steps we will take with you to help you assemble your big picture.

  1. What is your current financial health? What are your goals?
  2. We’ll build a customized financial plan & track your progress. We’ll help you assemble a clear view of your ‘big picture’ dreams and goals.
  3. We’ll get your money working for you. We’ll write this up in a personalized and formal Investment Policy Statement (which is basically a ‘working document’ that articulates what we will do and what you will do) to govern how your money is managed.
  4. Professional money management that involves extensive and active research, risk evaluation and a keen focus on low product cost and delivery of value after fees.
  5. We’ll examine the risks that may come in the way of you achieving your goals and implement solutions to protect attaining them.
  6. At regular intervals, we’ll perform a detailed review & tracking of progress to these plans. We’ll determine how much is enough and maybe even what to do if you have more than enough.

How We Monitor Your Progress

Many clients cannot easily tell if they have achieved their expected rate of return or if they have enough money saved to meet their goals.  Why?  In many cases it is because an investor doesn’t have a financial plan to track to or that financial plan is incomplete and poorly monitored. In other cases, it’s because the reporting received is poor and inadequately conveys whether they’re on track to achieve their goals.

At CrossPoint Financial, we believe in full, true and plain disclosure. If you work with us to complete your personalized financial plan, you’ll receive our proprietary “P2A” (Plan To Actual) report. This P2A report will compare your actual investment balance to the plan’s asset growth line (that includes your savings plan and rate of return objectives) we agreed upon when you engaged with us. You will know, at a glance, whether you are on track to reaching your goals. If we are above the plan line, great news and we rest secure…  If we are below the plan line, we’ll know that we have to take action.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if you get there? Whether you’re accumulating assets for a goal or concerned about sustainable withdrawal rates, our financial planning services and P2A report will give you peace of mind.

In addition, here are a number of value-add services we’ll do for you:

  • Net worth updates on a regular basis
  • Customized and personal financial plan creation.
  • Monthly or annual savings plan review
  • Insurance analysis – current coverage evaluation, needs assessment, survey of costs, etc.
  • CRA account monitoring (RRSP & TFSA contribution room, tax return status, T-slips, etc.)
  • Tax return preparation*
  • Tax review**
  • Estate Plan and Tax Analysis
  • Beneficiary audit
  • Storage of a copy of your Will and Power of Attorney

We take care of the details, so you don’t have to worry about them.


*Tax return preparation provided outside of IA Private Wealth.
** iA PrivateWealth does not provide any income tax preparation services and does not supervise or review any income tax returns.

Planning Tools

Advocacy in Aging – A book to assist with Estate Planning in the Living Years

A key topic we focus on when you discuss your estate planning at CrossPoint is aging and what your plans are. Marc G. Séguin, MBA has written a book to help with planning for the living years, we highly recommend this book for either yourself or if you are assisting with aging parents.

About the Book

Advocacy in Aging is a book about healthcare and estate planning, with a focus on the living years.   The concepts apply to everyone planning for their own or a parent’s aging.

There’s no escaping the reality that we’re all living longer, and many of us will see our capabilities diminish.  How do you plan for what’s coming?  How do you ensure your advocates understand and respect your wishes?

Author Marc Séguin defines a blueprint for aging with:

  • Five planning pillars that bring together fundamental concepts of financial planning, powers of attorney, downsizing, health care directives (also called a living will), gradual transitions, and more.
  • A focus on building your team of advocates, in preparation for a seamless transition of personal care and estate management.

To obtain your own personal copy of Advocacy in Aging, by Marc G. Séguin, MBA visit the Advocacy in Aging website or complete the form on the right.


Advocacy in Aging

Request a copy of the book

Budget Planner

Organize your monthly cash flow to find additional dollars you can use to achieve your financial planning and retirement goals. Designed to compare your “Current” expenditures to “Proposed” expenditures, simple adjustments can be made until you have the desired outcome.

Life Insurance Needs

The Life Insurance Needs Calculator lets you estimate the amount of life insurance coverage you and your spouse/partner require.

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the impact various payment assumptions will have on the number of years until your mortgage is paid. Two scenarios and optional payment modes allow you to explore multiple strategies at once.

RRSP Calculator

The RRSP Calculator estimates the future value of your RRSP investment given various assumptions. You can use the RRSP calculator to see the impact various savings and return assumptions may have on your investment.

RRSP vs Mortgage

The RRSP vs. Mortgage Calculator lets you compare investing a lump-sum in your RRSP today vs. paying down your mortgage and investing future mortgage savings in your RRSP. The strategy that produces the larger RRSP balance at retirement may warrant further consideration in your planning.

RRIF Calculator

The RRIF Calculator estimates the future withdrawals you will need to make from your RRIF based upon the prescribed minimums. You can also use the RRIF calculator to estimate how long you can withdraw a set amount from your RRIF before running out of money.


The RRSP vs. Non-RRSP Calculator lets you compare investing in your RRSP to investing the after-tax equivalent in an investment vehicle where the interest is taxable when earned. The strategy that produces the larger “After-Tax Retirement Income” may warrant further consideration in your planning.


The TFSA vs. RRSP Calculator lets you compare investing in the 2 most popular tax-assisted investments available to Canadians. The strategy that produces the larger “After-Tax Retirement Income” may warrant further consideration in your planning.

Income Tax Calculator

The Income Tax Calculator estimates the amount of tax you will be required to pay on the various sources of income earned. If you are an employee, use the calculator to estimate the potential tax savings from RRSP contributions. If you are self-employed, use the calculator to estimate changes to income tax based on how you draw your income.


The RRSP Loan Calculator lets you compare borrowing to invest a lump-sum in your RRSP today vs. making regular monthly contributions to your RRSP. The strategy that produces the larger RRSP balance at retirement may warrant further consideration in your planning.

Investment Leverage

The Investment Leverage Calculator lets you compare an interest-only investment loan to making regular monthly savings. The strategy that produces a larger investment balance at retirement may warrant further consideration in your planning.

Terminal Tax Calculator

The Terminal Tax Calculator estimates the amount of taxes your estate will be required to pay in the year of your death (assuming no surviving spouse / partner).

Ready to Connect Your Present to Your Future?