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A book to assist with Estate Planning in the Living Years

Advocacy in AgingA key topic we focus on when you discuss your estate planning at CrossPoint is aging and what your plans are. Marc G. Séguin, MBA has written a book to help with planning for the living years, we highly recommend this book for either yourself or if you are assisting with aging parents.

About the Book

Advocacy in Aging is a book about healthcare and estate planning, with a focus on the living years. The concepts apply to everyone planning for their own or a parent’s aging.

There’s no escaping the reality that we’re all living longer, and many of us will see our capabilities diminish. How do you plan for what’s coming? How do you ensure your advocates understand and respect your wishes?

Author Marc Séguin defines a blueprint for aging with:

  • Five planning pillars that bring together fundamental concepts of financial planning, powers of attorney, downsizing, health care directives (also called a living will), gradual transitions, and more.
  • A focus on building your team of advocates, in preparation for a seamless transition of personal care and estate management.

To obtain your own personal copy of Advocacy in Aging, by Marc G. Séguin, MBA visit the Advocacy in Aging website or complete the form below.

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