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Brexit Vote: This is Not a “Today” Event

As you likely know, the UK people voted to exit the European Union yesterday. This has and will continue to create political uncertainty as other member countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, etc consider their own “leave” decisions. It’s important to note that it will take at least two years for an exit to actually […]

Turbulence Part II

Back in late November, we wrote a Market Commentary entitled “Turbulence” and mused it was “time to buckle up”. In the late summer (August 26th to be precise) we had started to meaningfully decrease risk exposure in the portfolios. We took further steps on December 17th to de-risk by shifting to less volatile companies within […]


Commentary from the desk of Brent Vandermeer Market turbulence often causes increasing amount of concern for investors. This is completely understandable.  This is especially true given the last few years of market performance. Interestingly, many of you (my clients that is) haven’t appeared to be overly concerned the last few months (based on your questions, […]

Fed Closes Chapter on Easy Money

Source: Wall Street Journal, Morning Wrap, 30-Oct-2014 “As the Federal Reserve bids farewell to quantitative easing, it’s time to grade the central bank’s final round of stimulus. The benefits and drawbacks of QE have been subject of a hot debate on Wall Street for years. Many suggest the Fed’s bond-buying program has been a major […]