Market and Investment Insights

The first video in our series continues to feature a few interesting and curious things that crossed Brent’s desk during the quarter. Real Estate never ceases to amaze with cities still growing at rapid paces. Toronto, Canada leads North America for the # of cranes helping to grow the city. Another look at market domination both with Amazon having 50% of the e-commerce market and with Apple being the first company to reach 1 Trillion in valuation. Brent takes a walk through the Market Cap Milestone timeline dating back to 1781 when the first 1 million in valuation occurred.

In Part 2, Brent gives a high-level synopsis of the markets. He takes a look at how (1) US-China tariffs evolve as the trade wars advance, (2) energy prices rebound, (3) the bond yield curve continues to flatten, (4) emerging markets exhibit dramatic volatility and (5) the Bond/Equity correlation are showing a rare convergence. The key takeaways for portfolio positioning include: Inflation is going higher meaning rates will increase…Equities have upside but with similar downside risk… International stocks remain the most attractive…Never forget your defense and it isn’t time to be chasing returns and adding risk.

In Part 3, the final video in our series, we describe the Vandermeer Wealth Management portfolio strategy and the performance of our models. We remain in the “favoured zone”, positive on markets and staying invested. Our portfolio allocations remain unchanged; over-weighted internationally and underweight in Canadian equities. There were no trades this quarter and we are seeing some evidence of increased risk, therefore, some changes are anticipated for next quarter. Returns over the quarter were up 1.1% and 5.6% over the year.